Staff Augmentation


We help you bridge the talent gap by finding and placing top-tech talent for your diverse project requirements while remaining cost-effective.

The IT industry is experiencing a significant increase in the use of contingent workforce across organizations globally. Staff augmentation is an easy model that organizations can leverage to hire skilled and experienced resources either on a time bound or for long-term periods to meet project requirements and cover the skill gap.

By 2025, a lack of talent or human failure will be responsible for over half of significant cyber incidents – Gartner

Gartner predictions for 2023 reveal that challenges confronting CISOs are evolving beyond technology, cybersecurity, and controls. Meeting these challenges will require cybersecurity leaders to redouble their focus on people. Their key findings (of the many) are:

Talent churn will damage the mission and cost more
Timely availability of the right talent plays a key role in either achieving or failing the mission. Unavailability can increase the overall project risk and negatively impact the client trust leading to loss of revenue and the likelihood of another competitor winning your clients

The stressors of the cybersecurity world make the job of a cybersecurity professional unsustainable
Lack of mental well-being in a stressful environment can take a toll on the mind and body leading to frequent time offs, extended project deadlines, and sub-optimal delivery of project deliverables. Over a period of time, professionals soon find the environment to be unsustainable causing them to look for another opportunity elsewhere.

There is less than zero percent unemployment in cybersecurity
The information Security and Cyber Security industry is expanding at a steady pace globally creating more and more positions with the growing risk-averse companies. An ideal mix of relevant experience, exposure, industry certifications, and industry experience is what organizations look for while they struggle to find such professionals.

Recruiting and retention will be difficult
Be it internal or external recruitment, the process is time-consuming and in most cases not so straightforward. While recruitment today is challenging, more challenging is retention which organizations struggle with.

Burnout and voluntary attrition are outcomes of poor organizational culture
Smart and competitive professionals can easily be attracted by a lucrative job that pays way above the industry standard. If the work culture is not conducive, priorities can be misconstrued leading to such high-performing individuals looking for opportunities else where
Lack of technical, interpersonal, management, and emotional skills among security professionals can impact critical projects negatively and hurt the client’s trust. This gives rise to Resource risk and organizations are realizing the importance of resource risk to stay ahead of the competition. It is a crucial aspect of project management where resources are limited and consequences of resource shortage can be severe.

Some of the most common types of resource risks include:


  • Unplanned attrition
  • Financial constraints
  • Employee burnout
  • Sub-optimal workforce utilization
  • Skill obsolescence
  • Over-dependency on existing high-performing individuals
  • Lower productivity

Being able to identify these risks proactively and being prepared to handle such risks is at times complex. Organizations must strategize and plan for such risks beforehand.
Clients can leverage on highly seasoned and skilled human resources that Defentrix offers. A resource partner that has the industry’s best available, tenured, and certified professionals to assist and support when in need. Rely on Defentrix to recognize the following benefits:


  • Defentrix offers skilled, certified, and cost-effective resources to meet your organization’s resource requirements
  • Ranging from Freshers to highly seasoned professionals can be provisioned who in no time can be deployed at client locations or could be engaged remotely.
  • Security vetted resources bound by contractual obligations with a high degree of ethics
  • Flexibility in your strategic decision while building teams to gain competitive advantage. Be more agile and be prepared to go to market.
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease on-demand workforce
  • Option to retain as possible full-time employees
  • Be a partner in your recruitment and hiring activities

Rely on the existing pool of talent to augment your staff.

For customized resource requirements, please contact Defentrix services team

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