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Since the evolution of Information security, the industry has been seeing a steep rise in security attacks, threats and ransomware, eventually, the need for professional security personnel to defend. The latest digital transformation has witnessed an organization massively depend on Third-Party products and services which has resulted in very high associated risks. Gladly, today the industry has an all-time high demand for seasoned risk professionals to perform Risk Assessments and manage these risks.

Companies are looking to hire security and TPRM professionals with proven skills and relative experience. But, there is an acute shortage of such skilled risk professionals. Further, the available personnel are not up-to-date with best industry practices and they lack enough practical exposure and experience.

As per Gartner’s article in 2023 (here), Modern cybersecurity leaders will use a human-centric design to strengthen their programs and optimize human potential. Their strategic planning assumption is

By 2025, a lack of talent or human failure will be responsible for over half of significant cyber incidents.

By 2025, insider risk will cause 50% of organizations to adopt formal programs to manage it, up from 10% today.

Gartner predictions for 2023 reveal that challenges confronting CISOs are evolving beyond technology, cybersecurity and controls. Meeting these challenges will require cybersecurity leaders to redouble their focus on people. Their key findings (of the many) are:

Talent churn will damage the mission and cost more

The stressors of the cybersecurity world make the job of a cybersecurity professional unsustainable

There is less than zero per cent unemployment in cybersecurity

Recruiting and retention will be difficult

Burnout and voluntary attrition are outcomes of poor organizational culture

Embed security as an ideology in your enterprise

Defentrix offers highly curated and tailor-made TPRM training with a holistic practical approach to learning and getting hands-on in a TPRM program which is close to real-world scenarios. A core differentiator with this TPRM training course is the one-of-a-kind Workshop which is conducted soon after the training to ensure you hone your skills with live environments.

Defentrix offers Foundation and Advanced empowering TPRM training programs for both corporates and individuals .

About the Trainer

Sohil K. Naikwadi
COO, Defentrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sohil K. Naikwadi is an Information Security Professional with a Master’s Degree (MSc in Network Security) from the UK and over 16 years of proven experience playing various security and TPRM roles.

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